Lucidus Consulting

Company services
Lucidus Consulting provides services from Ruth Murray-Webster, Peter Simon and selected associates to assist in the proper application of project and programme management. True to the name Lucidus, the company aims to create value by shedding light on managed change. To achieve this aim, the Lucidus Consulting team does three things.

  • Firstly, we provide practical advice and assistance based on intuitive and concise analysis of current situations.
  • Secondly, we enable individuals and teams to take charge of their own change agenda by providing targeted assessment and development of competency.
  • Thirdly, we are able to practice what we preach, by providing timely and valuable interim management support to clients.

In addition, we publish monthly Lucid Thoughts on our website and in the UK project management journal Project Manager Today. Lucid Thoughts are personal reflections on an aspect of project or programme management upon which we have a particular and sometimes controversial view. Feedback from Lucid Thought readers encourages networking and debate on some of the hot topics related to managed change in organisations.

As one of the managing partners within Lucidus Consulting, Ruth Murray-Webster brings her particular fascination with the impact of human beings on organisational change to the company. If people make projects work then understanding human behaviour when working to deliver unique objectives through a transient, multi-functional team of people within the constraints of time, cost and specification must be a priority. Risk attitudes, as explored in this book, form an important part of this story.

Full details of the business are at The website also offers Ruth’s papers for download as well as a full set of Lucid Thoughts.



  Authors - David Hillson & Peter Simon