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Risk Doctor & Partners provides specialist risk management support from The Risk Doctor and selected partners, offering high-value solutions to clients across the globe. We combine leading-edge thinking with expert practical application, giving access to the latest developments in risk management best practice.

Our services are available worldwide through our network of partners, who include world-class experts in corporate and strategic risk, programme and portfolio risk, financial risk, reputation risk, environmental risk, operational risk, quantitative risk analysis, risk psychology etc.

The services offered by Risk Doctor & Partners include:

  • Risk training, offering a range of learning experiences designed to raise awareness, create understanding and develop skills, targeting senior management, programme/project managers, functional teams and risk practitioners

  • Coaching and mentoring, providing personal input and support to key individuals or small teams, aiming to share and transfer expertise

  • Organisational benchmarking, using proven maturity model frameworks to understand current risk management capability in terms of risk culture, processes, experience and application, then defining realistic and achievable improvement targets and action plans to enhance capability

  • Process review, comparing an organisation’s risk management approach against best practice and recommending practical improvements to meet the specific challenges faced by the business

  • Risk review, assessing the risk exposure of a bid, project, programme or strategy, identifying and prioritising threats and opportunities, and developing effective responses to optimise performance and achievement of objectives

Full details of the Risk Doctor business are at www.risk-doctor.com. The Risk Doctor website also offers a wide range of technical papers for free download, and a facility for raising specific problems for rapid diagnosis.

Risk is everywhere and presents a range of threats and opportunities which need to be managed proactively if we are to minimise problems and maximise benefits. With an enviable track record in diagnosis and treatment, and a strong emphasis on managing opportunity through the risk process, Risk Doctor & Partners provides a unique approach to understanding and managing the uncertainties facing every business.

Email: david@risk-doctor.com
Web: www.risk-doctor.com


  Authors - David Hillson & Peter Simon