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David Hillson and Peter Simon are pleased to offer a suite of interventions designed to assist in the implementation of the ATOM Methodology. These cover four main areas; training, process development, workshop facilitation and risk reviews.

TRAINING - We offer a half day ATOM Awareness course, a two-day Introduction to ATOM course or a four-day ATOM Practitioners course. These courses are designed to be delivered in company as part of a general risk management development program or as part of a project team’s development. Other courses can be developed on request. For information about these courses email training@ATOM-Risk.com

PROCESS DEVELOPMENT - The ATOM methodology has been developed to be both scaleable and easy to use and apply. Should organisations require assistance in the implementation of ATOM and in particular the development of detailed processes to support it we are able to offer our support services for this. For further information email process@ATOM-Risk.com

WORKSHOP FACILITATION - A key element of ATOM is the Risk Workshop and in ATOM it is suggested that an independent facilitator may be used. We are pleased to offer our services as independent facilitators for risk workshops. For further information email workshop@ATOM-Risk.com

RISK REVIEWS - There are many occasions in the life of a project when an independent risk review may be required; either to substantiate what is already understood or to cast a fresh pair of eyes over the risk exposure of the project. Again we are pleased to offer our independent services to carry out risk reviews. For further information email review@ATOM-Risk.com


  Authors - David Hillson & Peter Simon